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Facebook Advertising Tips for Your Small Business

For a small company, word of mouth can be amazing and bring in plenty of customers, but dont stop there. Consumers can be easily reached through the plethora of social media outlets now available. By doing just a few simple things and budgeting for a little extra spending, you can build a larger and more loyal customer base. Firstly you need to understand who your target audience is and the best way forĀ  you to reach them.

Facebook is one of my favorite platforms for social advertising. There are lot of options to choose from, so you have a chance to work out your goals and come up with the perfect way to achieve them. If you are looking for more likes on your page, you can optimise your ads to do just that. If you want to direct users to your website, you have that option too. Often it is easier to convert users to likers which then helps build a relationship and can be easier to guide them to your website.

A great option Facebook has for advertising is the ability to direct users to tabs on your page. An easy way to gain likes is to direct users to a tab with an offer. This means that immediately after liking your page, they will receive access to a special offer or promotion that you set up.

Another reason Facebook is great for target marketing is that it allows you to be specific with your advertising. If you need to target 40-year-olds looking for a product in your area, you can do that. If you need to target 30 year old women, you can do that, too. The possibilities are endless and you can try as many strategies as you like until you see which works best for you.

Creating your budget is very user friendly. What you see is what you get. You decide whether to have a daily budget or lifetime budget. You choose whether to have Facebook bid automatically for ad space, or you set your own bid amount based on suggestions for your target audience. You can always go back and change it you are never locked in.

Once your ad campaign is set up, make sure you track the results. Evaluate your spending and see whether it is worth the results you are getting. The dashboard on your page makes it easy to see how many people are clicking on your ad and liking your page. It is easy to see if you are spending too much for mediocre results.

Have you tried Facebook advertising for your business? Do you have any other tips?