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Why choosing the right colour for your brand is so important

Research has shown that colour influences our emotions in a variety of ways, but perhaps most importantly, it’s the first sensory touch point with a customer or client. By choosing the wrong colour you are not going to communicate what you want to your customer, which can really impact on the overall performance of your company.

Sometimes changing a company colour is necessary to indicate the company is still modern and progressive.

So what are you waiting for?

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eBay rebrand – playing it safe

Whether or not you have ever bought or sold anything on eBay, it is a name that most people are aware of. eBay opened their virtual doors in 1995 and the brand has remained consistent until now.

“Seventeen years ago, eBay created a new way for people to buy and sell. Since that time, we’ve enabled millions of people to launch their own businesses, and helped change the way the world shops for things they need and love. We’re pleased to introduce our refreshed logo. It reflects who we are today — a global online marketplace that offers a cleaner, more contemporary and consistent experience.” Quoted from eBay’s announcement page.

News of the eBay rebrand definitely got me excited. This is a brand that was requiring a refresh, and (I was hoping) one that could really think outside the box in its new identity design.

With renowned company, Lippincott as the creative for the new eBay brand identity, I couldn’t wait to check out the new logo. Unfortunately, I was bitterly disappointed. The new logo is a classic example of playing it safe and avoiding risk at all costs. This happens often in rebranding for large companies, especially where there are many decision makers not wanting to ‘rock the boat’. Rather than going with what is best for the brand in the long term, it languishes in ‘safe’ territory.

There is nothing wrong with the new eBay logo, however, it is disappointingly boring and lacks the ‘wow’ factor many in the branding industry were expecting.

The lesson here is — you don’t have to play it safe, its ok to take a risk.

New TAB brand

Launched in August and still being rolled out in Victoria, Sydney agency BWM created a major new campaign for Tabcorp’s TAB brand. The campaign introduces a new identity, positioning and brand line for TAB, ‘How’s Your Form?’ The campaign is supported by TV, print, outdoor, point of sale, social media, radio, and experiential activity.

While this new brand is much cleaner it is very bland on its own, however mixed with the vibrant green blend used on the signage it looks great.

In regards to the TV advertising that goes with this new branding, personally, I am not a fan of glamorising gambling – it is not the reality and who really looks like this in a TAB?

  New TAB branding       Previous TAB branding

Why is brand identity so important?

Brand identity should not be underestimated. Your brand needs to be a strong visual representation for your clients, one that will inspire an emotional attachment each time they glance at it.
Who is your audience?
Your brand identity will be your unspoken proclamation to potential clients, it needs to speak to them.
What is your personality?
Consider the aspects of your company that a client will most appreciate when they hire you. How can you project that in advance with your brand identity? The core concept of a brand identity is to project the personality of your work to your audience.

Is graffiti really art?

Contemporary graffiti is essentially a form of painting. The methods and materials of painting are the same, therefore, specific examples of graffiti would be assessed as art or not art by the same standards by which a painting would be assessed.

For example, a crude tag involving a person spray painting their name is no more art than a someone who signs their name on a canvas using a brush. Given that graffiti is in essence painting and it involves the very same techniques and mediums as “conventional” painting, the proof would seem to be on those who would deny that graffiti is.

Can graffiti be art while maintaining that painting is art?

2015 AFC Asian Cup logo

The logo and preliminary qualifying draw for the 2015 Asian Cup football tournament were unveiled in Melbourne last week. Designed by Sydney agency, WiteKite.

“The logo depicts a stylised player, kicking a football from the east coast of Australia across country towards Asia. The ball also represents the Australian summer sun arcing west from Australia to Asia. The four golden bands forming the map of Australia represent the four host cities. The design is embraced by the AFC holding device.” Quoted from the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) website.

Very similar to the 2010 World Cup logo – what do you think?