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Kraft Goes Back to Original Logo

Kraft Foods has changed its logo for the fourth time in less than four years, and it looks a lot like the original version. Kraft the corporation redesigned and finally settled on a very similar version of their old and original logo.

The saga of the Kraft logo started in February 2009 when Kraft Foods Inc., the corporation, not Kraft, the consumer brand, redesigned its logo to one that looked much like the Yoplait logo with a mulitcoloured starburst.

Five months later they flipped the starburst to the other side and changed the colors. Then in August of 2011 Kraft reported that the company would split in two: (1) Mondelez, for the global snacks business and (2) Kraft Foods Group, managing brands such as Kraft, Maxwell House, Oscar Mayer and Planters. As of October 1, 2012, Kraft Foods Group officially began again as a start-up or, as they described it, a “new company that has been around 109 years”. A new logo was introduced with the new company. No design credit has been given.

Thank goodness the starburst is gone. In my opinion it was one of the worst corporate re-brands in recent years. The new logo adopts a redesigned version of the well-known consumer logo found on Kraft foodstuffs. I must admit I prefer the original version – it seems pointless to change something that has worked for so long. I really don’t see any benefits to the re-design.

Kraft 2009 logos possibly inspired by Yoplait?

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