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Online shopping booming in Australia

Click Frenzy may have been an online disaster, but it has certainly magnified and definitely sealed the future of online selling in Australia, especially for one day sales and specials.

On Tuesday, according to the NAB Online Retail Sales Index, sales from online shopping has jumped 26 per cent in 12 months and it is believed that sales from online shopping will increase up to 20 per cent over the coming decade.

Although sales from online shopping still remains low compared to the total Australian retail spend – it is definitely a force to reckon with due to the enormous growth. I am an avid online shopper, I find I am saving time by not running around searching and money because often items are cheaper.

Of the $12.3 billion online sales, surprisingly around 75 per cent was actually spent on products sold by Australian domestic department stores and local retailers.

I believe the Click Frenzy hype, along with its meltdown and technology crash, is just the start of things for online shopping in Australia. Feedback from retailers is that logistically it didn’t quite work on the day, but it is still an emerging market and something they want to try again.

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