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The dreaded Facebook “Boost Post” button

The “Boost Post” button invites me to pay to share the post with others. But this video  is a good deterrent against paying Facebook for anything.
I watched that video after Jeff Hamada talked about The End of Facebook.

In one of the comments below Jeff’s post, James Davidson of We Heart said:
“…with around 30k [likes] we were seeing some posts getting just a thousand or so views. Ergo, we were drawn to the dreaded “Boost Post.” Funny thing is, it seemed to have an adverse effect on the posts that weren’t boosted — we dropped down to just a few hundred views for some of them.

“As we grew disenfranchised, we stopped boosting so much. Guess what? The views have been slowly creeping back up. An algorithm to capitalise on those stupid enough to feed the mouth that bites? I wouldn’t bet against it.”

Just something worth thinking about before spending too much time or money on your Facebook page.

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